Military Schools

A military school is a structured, academically accredited, military-based institution where cadets are put through military exercises and rigorous physical training. Most military schools have outstanding athletic programs. While at a military school, cadets may receive specific training in fields such as mechanics. In addition to outstanding academic and athletic programs, a military school environment provides each young man with a first hand opportunity to participate in learning about leadership. This experience sets military school education apart and can make a very valuable difference in later life.

Today's Military Schools

If you look back into the past you see that a military school or a military academy was where the majority of parents looked to send their teen if they were having problems such as being defiant, failing in school, abusing drugs, etc. Within the past decade, our country's military has become much more selective as to whom they will or will not accept. This trend has become even more apparent in private military schools. In most cases a defiant teen will have a very difficult time making it into and staying in any military school.

In a recent survey of 30 traditional military schools, we found that only one military school would take a student that was not willing to be there. Most military schools will expel students who break rules. If the school has a non-refundable tuition policy, that can be very expensive for you. Most military schools are unwilling to accept troubled teens; however, there are some military school options that can help your teen.

Military School Options For You

What we offer is an effective alternative to the typical military academy. Parent Help works with privately owned military-based schools that can give your teen the military style structure, behavior modification, physical fitness, leadership, and overall help that he or she needs to become successful in life. Cadets need to be in fairly good physical shape. Most these schools will not offer organized athletics; however most have good academic programs which offer high school and college courses. Overall these programs are very effective and are an excellent choice for a troubled teen. For more information call Parent Help today at 1-844-622-6705 or fill out our contact form.