Residential Treatment Centers

A residential treatment center is a psychiatric treatment program that provides 24-hour supervision, structure, and treatment. A team of mental health professionals works intensively with each adolescent to stabilize symptoms while providing a safe living environment. The staff works with parents or caretakers to explore what changes might be necessary in the home and community to support improvement in the troubled teen. A residential treatment center is usually a state licensed program that focuses on the specific needs and problems of teenagers, such as suicidal behavior, drug and alcohol abuse, mental and emotional problems, depression, and so forth. If your teenager could benefit from a residential treatment center call Parent Help at 1-844-622-6705 or request more information online now.

A great benefit of a residential treatment center is that some insurance companies will pay partial tuition. However, usually the treatment center must be accredited with the Joint Hospital Accreditation Committee (J.H.A.C.O). To be J.H.A.C.O. approved a center must meet several more requirements than simply being licensed as an Residential Treatment Center facility. Usually an insurance company will pay for around 30 or 60 days in and Residential Treatment Center or other similar facility.

The drawback of this is the fact that the treatment is short-term. Short-term treatments are typically not adequate to help make lasting changes in a teens life. If you are considering placement in an Residential Treatment Center you should usually plan on following it up with a long-term follow-up placement in a boarding school or private school. Long-term placement is especially necessary if the teen has been abusing a lot of substances and needs a detox period.

Residential Treatment Centers typically focus more on medical treatment programs than boarding schools, but there are some Residential Treatment Centers that also include education and behavior modification. When searching for the best program for your teen this will be something you should inquire about. There are long-term Residential Treatment Centers that will in some cases qualify for insurance coverage if the insurance company will work with you. For more help choosing a program for your teen, please contact the Parent Help Center at 1-844-622-6705. or fill out our contact form.